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Encraft India Pvt Ltd

Encraft product range

Wooden Finish & Various Colour Options

“White windows” are a standard accepted for PVC windows, accounting for a large majority of installations, but, increasingly, homeowners and clients are looking for something different to satisfy the design criteria of the building or the interior living space.

Wood Finish Variations

uPVC Variations & Various Colours

ENCRAFT employs the latest state of the art technology to apply wood finishes to its product range using the only foil suitable for the climatic conditions of India. The base layer of our foil contains Solar Shield Technology (SST), to further decrease heat build-up of the film and the laminated components. The foil we use (FX Foil) is weather and ultraviolet resistant. This high-performance material retains its gloss throughout its service life. In addition, the film’s low surface tension makes it inherently dirt-repellent and therefore easy to clean and the 3-layer construction of the film ensures colours, retain their brilliance over the entire life of the film even when exposed to intense UV radiation.

ENCRAFT uses a base colour in the profile that matches the foil colour and comes in an attractive range of wood effect finishes to suit a range of interiors lending choice of grace and beauty to the architectural imagination. The available wood effect finishes are:

 Dark Oak
 Golden Oak
 Rustic Oak
 Anthracite Grey
 Black Smooth
 Flemish Gold
 Grey Smooth