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Encraft India Pvt Ltd


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility | Encraft India Pvt Ltd

ENCRAFT India is a company that specialized in uPVC windows and doors, Ever since it was founded, it has Grown to one of the top companies in India specialized in manufacturing of uPVC windows and doors Sustainable development is a subject close to our hearts. At ENCRAFT we are committed to our social responsibility and adopt various initiatives directed towards sustainability. ENCRAFT caters to commercial complexes, hospitals, factories and of course, your home! We manufacture uPVC windows doors products that are environment friendly and adopt environment friendly processes in our operations. It is fully established with machinery facilities for designing and assembling with complete windows doors that are made in our manufacturing facilities. Our firm is specialized in the field of custom design work of uPVC windows and doors. Our expertise is in space planning and implementation based on clients’ needs and budget.

Each project receives personal attention from our experienced designers, enabling clients to achieve excellent value for their money invested. We work closely with architects, Builders and clients to determine the structure and the needs of the occupants, and the style that best suits both. We work closely from selection of raw materials to production of products. We promise to meet customers’ needs fulfilled through our quality products. We put our energy in to our projects with a passion, ambition and affirmative attitude.