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Encraft India Pvt Ltd

Aluminium Product Range

53 Series Casement Window

Encraft Best Aluminium Product


ENEKU 53 is the Aluminium system for casement opening, designed to meet the excellent value for money, quality/price, combining good thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, weather resistance, and a competitive positioning in the current market, being ideal not only for private buildings but also for constructions needing very high degrees of airtightness.

The innovative design, the use of high-quality components and the maximum 32-mm infill allow the windows to combine extraordinary properties of thermal insulation with the high strength of the aluminium structure.


 Open IN & Open out
 Contemporary & Stylish
 Minimum maintenance
 Widerange of profiles, shapes and finishing’s for every type of solution.
 Concealed hinges


 45mm Outer frame Depth
 Maximum Frame Height-3000 mm
 Maximum Frame Width-1200mm
 Maximum Sash Height up to 3000 mm
 Maximum Sash Width upto 1000 mm
 Maximum load capacity -120 kg per sash
 Internal Glazing options from 6 mm to 32 mm. Single, Double & Triple Glass


  • Where can I find the best Aluminium 53 series casement windows in India?

    Encraft offers the finest Aluminium 53 series casement windows in India, known for their exceptional quality and innovative design.

  • What sets Encraft's Aluminium 53 series casement windows apart in India?

    Encraft's Aluminium 53 series casement windows are celebrated in India for their superior craftsmanship, modern aesthetics, energy efficiency, and the trusted reputation of the Encraft brand.