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Encraft Best uPVC Louvre Windows

ENCRAFT Louvre are the window blind/shutter with horizontal placed blades at an angle to admit light and air, but to keep out rain and direct sunlight. The angle of the blade are fixed and in movable louvre option we can adjust the angle as desired. Louvre Windows are Designed to ensure equally spaced louvre blades throughout size range. Louvre systems are also available in laminated finishes. Encraft Louvres system has a unique option of fly screen incorporated in the design. Windows are available in 42 & 62 mm profile depth.


  • Can a provider offer expert guidance in selecting suitable uPVC louvre windows for my Indian home?

    Yes, Encraft offers expert consultation to help you select the ideal uPVC louvre windows that align with your home's design and functional requirements in India.

  • Do uPVC louvre windows offer a variety of blade options in India?

    Yes, Encraft provides a range of blade options for uPVC louvre windows, allowing you to customize the airflow and aesthetics of your Indian home.