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Encraft India Pvt Ltd

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Fold & Slide Windows

Encraft Best uPVC Fold & Slide Windows

ENCRAFT Fold N Slide Windows system offers superior operating performance and smooth integration into any architectural style and space. The window system is engineered for using multiple panel from 2 to 7 panels, this system offers unobstructed opening options. The hardware used offers a smooth glide and reliable performance with solid design and engineering.

 Can be opening in or out
 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 pane option
 Dedicated ENCRAFT top guide and bottom track to ensure perfect alignment
 Internal glazing option from 4mm single to 36mm triple glazing
 Frame width of up to 18’8” can be achieved with a maximum height of 9 ‘ not exceeding a sash weight of 100 kgs