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Aluminium Product Range

70 Series Sliding Door

Encraft Best Aluminium Product


The ENEKU 70 Slide thermal break and non-thermal break sliding doors and windows solve the demand for a balanced combination of performance, design, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Its“slim”form lets in the daylight so that your rooms, terraces, gardens, and pools remain bright and welcoming. The carefully designed profile and thermal break provide good Thermo-acoustic insulation, stability, and air- and water tightness. The movement of the sliding element is always easy and light, even when panels are very heavy. The ENCRAFT EKU 70 Slider series can make medium-sized sliding doors and windows with two, three, or four panels.


 No space taken by doors & windows as they are sliding inline.
 Innovative design
 Multi point locking for enhanced security
 Smooth to operate
 Contemporary and stylish with excellent aesthetics
 Option: 3 glazed sashes with ~66% clear opening
 Option: 2 glazed sashes with ~50% clear opening + Mesh sash


 90 & 140 mm Outer frame Depth
 Maximum Frame Height-3000 mm
 Maximum Frame Width-3000 mm
 Maximum Sash Height-3000 mm
 Maximum Sash Width-1500 mm
 Maximum load capacity-180kg per sash
 Internal Glazing options from 6 mm to 22 mm. Single, Double & Triple Glass


  • What is Encraft's Aluminium 70 Series Sliding Door known for?

    Encraft's 70 Series Sliding Door is renowned for being one of India's best aluminium doors, celebrated for its exceptional quality and durability. It is highly regarded for its ability to perform effectively in Indian conditions, showcasing superior craftsmanship, and offering energy efficiency, making it a top choice for homeowners and builders.

  • What distinguishes it from other aluminium doors in India?

    Encraft's 70 Series stands out due to its impeccable craftsmanship and its precise adaptation to the unique demands of the Indian market. It combines superior design and construction, making it a standout choice for those seeking high-quality aluminium doors that excel in Indian conditions.