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ENEKU 70 Slide

Encraft Best Aluminium Product


The ENEKU 70 Slide TT thermal break and non-thermal break sliding doors and windows solve the demand for a balanced combination of performance, design, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Its “slim” form lets in the daylight so that your rooms, terraces, gardens, and pools remain bright and welcoming. The carefully designed profile and thermal break provide good Thermo-acoustic insulation, stability, and air- and water tightness. The movement of the sliding element is always easy and light, even when panels are very heavy. The ENCRAFT EKU Pe 70 Slide TT series can make medium-sized sliding doors and windows with two, three, or four panels.


 No space is taken up by doors or windows.
 Good thermal insulation is ensured by warm edge bars.
 High resistance and minimum maintenance.
 Clean lines for a refined design.
 With the vast range of profiles, shapes, and finishes, all kinds of solutions are possible.


 Profile heat transfer: UF =4.8 W/m2k (SG) 1.9 W/m2k (DG)
 Noise reduction: 39 dB
 Air tightness: Class 2
 Water tightness: Class 4A
 Wind resistance: Class B3