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Railing System

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ENCRAFT Railings are designed considering extravagant looks, quality and unique design. Railings are an important fixture in any house and helps add panache to the architectural element while helping your balcony or staircase stand out a bit more.

A stylish railing design is an expression of creativity not only in terms of the actual shape and structure but also when it comes to the usage of materials. Although its functionality remains the same, railing styles have dramatically evolved over the years and can be the centre piece in a home and can help further accentuate the overall home décor.

ENCRAFT provides a unique handrail design for indoor stairs to give a unique look to your stair case and sleek modern stair piece is one of the better simple indoor stair railings design.


 Glass railings creates the illusion of more space
 Glass railings will not block the light
 Glass railings are easy to keep it clean & maintain
 Glass railing are ideal for modern interiors
 Glass railing are safe & secure


 Dia.35 mm Hand rail options
 35/34 mm 3 different shape hand rail options
 60/120 mm Bottom rail
 Glazing options from 6 mm to 13.50 mm