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ENCRAFT'S facade has Simplicity, versatility, performance and architectural elegance are the words that best describe this system. EN Glass Facade was conceived for maximum simplicity in creating various types of facade, with the help of specially conceived hardware. So not only vertical facades, but also sloping ones, roofs, cupolas, pyramids, tunnels and polygons. Every solution will be marked by great elegance, lightness and minimum visual clutter. External coverings with various shapes at, arched etc. give the facade a touch of personality.


 Non-insulated aluminium mullion/transom facade system with horizontal and vertical cover caps.
 Exclusive design due to minimal face widths of 50 & 65 mm and straightforward profile geometries.
 Good airborne sound insulation with standard insulating glass
 Light penetration & filtration
 Maintenance free


 50 & 65 mm Frame Width
 100 & 135 mm Frame Depth
 Maximum Frame Height in openable-2000 mm
 Maximum Frame Width in openable-2000 mm
 Maximum load capacity -200 kg per sash
 Glazing options from 5 mm to 40 mm. Single, Double & Triple Glass


  • What sets it apart from other aluminium doors in India?

    Encraft's Facade System distinguishes itself with exceptional craftsmanship and its ideal fit for the Indian market. Its versatility and aesthetic enhancements make it a top choice for elevating the visual appeal and functionality of buildings across the country.

  • How does it perform in Indian conditions?

    Specially designed to thrive in Indian conditions, Encraft's Facade System stands out among the best aluminium doors in India. It excels in a wide range of weather conditions, ensuring enduring durability and unwavering reliability over time.