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The ENCRAFT EKU Aluminium system uses larger insulation bars enabling superior thermal performance with the increased glazed surface while maintaining the same minimal aesthetics.

As in the previous system, the ENCRAFT EKU Aluminium high-performance windows have slender, essential lines for contemporary aesthetics that aim at maximum luminosity while minimizing the visible surface of the profile. The result is a larger glazed area, high thermal and acoustic insulation that ensures unparalleled living comfort. The style of this refined, minimal design does not compromise the functionality and combines a sophisticated quality of insulating materials with the perfect functioning of the hidden accessories integrated within the profile itself. These factors enable the creation of heavy sash panels with maximum security against burglary.


 Minimal design built by using the visible profile (70 mm) and concealed accessories.
 Largerglazed surface and reduced profile area enable lower thermal transmittance (UW).
 Best quality materials with superior performance.
 Maximum resistance and luminosity
 Very minimal maintenance is required
 A wide range of colours and finishes to meet every building's aesthetic needs.


 Frame heat transfer Uf=1.4/2.56 W/m2K;
 Sound insulation: 44 dB;
 Airtightness: Classe A4;
 Watertightness: Classe R7;
 Wind resistance: 1500 N/m2 (safety 2250 N/m2).


  • Why are Casement Doors considered unique among aluminium doors in India?

    Encraft's Casement Doors shine with their exceptional craftsmanship and tailored design, perfectly suited to the nuances of Indian homes. This attention to detail sets them apart as the preferred choice among aluminium doors in India. Homeowners and builders alike trust Encraft for its commitment to quality and suitability for the Indian market, making these doors a top selection for enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

  • Is maintenance a concern for these doors?

    Absolutely not, Encraft's Casement Doors, considered among the best aluminium doors in India, are exceptionally low-maintenance, providing homeowners with unparalleled convenience. Their robust design and high-quality materials ensure they can withstand daily wear and tear, while their minimal maintenance requirements make them an attractive choice for those seeking durable and hassle-free door solutions.