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Vertical Sliding Window

Encraft Best Aluminium Product


Vertical sliding windows typically have two sashes one of which slides towards the bottom end or the top end of the window frame for ventilation purposes. Simply put, a vertical sliding window contains one or more panels that move vertically. This concept that has become the perfect solution for ancillary frames when the opening aperture is taller than width i.e. reference golden ratio 1: 1.618. Its simple operation is based on a pair of frame specific, site tensioned, spiral balances that can hold the sash openinany position.

ENCRAFT's vertical sliding sash range combines the elegance of traditional Sash Windows with the enhanced performance benefits and structural integrity of modern materials requiring minimal maintenance.


 Perfect utility window for narrow and tall apertures
 Bottom sash sliding
 Fixed light at the top
 Optional fixed fly screen
 Spiral balances to suit sash weight and sash size
 Sash utilises Espagnolette locking and handle beads


 58 & 90 mm Outerframe Depth
 Frame split 50/50 & 60/40 percent
 Maximum Frame Height- 1800 mm
 Maximum Frame Width-1200 mm
 Maximum load capacity-13.5 kg persash
 Internal Glazing options from 4 mm to 22 mm. Single, Double Glass


  • Who provides the best Aluminium vertical sliding windows in India?

    Encraft is the leading provider of the best Aluminium vertical sliding windows in India, known for their exceptional quality and innovative design.

  • What distinguishes Aluminium vertical sliding windows in India?

    Encraft's Aluminium vertical sliding windows are distinguished in India for their superior craftsmanship, modern aesthetics, energy efficiency, and the trusted reputation of the Encraft brand.