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ENCRAFT offers the most varied range of contemporary styles and designs in white and natural wood finishes and a myriad of shades. Slim frames and higher visibility of the glass surface maximize light and clarity. Low level, concealed, grey-coloured gaskets add to the aesthetic quality of white windows while customized production ensures that quality, and your world, is never compromised.

Terminate Invasion damages wooden Window & Doors and they are prone to swell during monsoons. ENCRAFT Window & Doors are Termite Proof and does not Swell during Monsoons.

ENCRAFT doors and windows are a viable and superior option to wood and aluminum. Positive insulation reduces the carbon footprint of the building. Being a substitute of wood, it helps the environment by reducing deforestation. 100% recyclable ENCRAFT systems are Lead free, thus increasing the environmental sustainability and are free from health and environmental hazards of lead poisoning.

Built with engineering precision, ENCRAFT’s product range is installed following known installation guidelines such as BS8213-4 that provides the perfect barrier against the elements.
Rotting, splitting, warping or corroding, which are some of the problems associated with other frame materials does not happen with uPVC. Even the heaviest exposure to Monsoons or floods will leave uPVC frames unaffected. The ingenious built-in drainage system ensures that any potential water ingress is efficiently eliminated.

ENCRAFT Door & Window systems have been engineered to allow the secure fitting of hinges, locking devices and handles thereby providing a level of security against intrusion as such enabling peace of mind. The system allows for fitting of the highest quality locking mechanisms available in the market today. ENCRAFT systems are naturally flame retardant and decrease the fire load of a building. Unlike other materials like wood, ENCRAFT systems are non-combusting as well as self-extinguishing, which means it will not cause, support or inflame a fire.

ENCRAFT uPVC Doors & Windows can with stand storms with wind pressure of over 3000 Pascal, which is equivalent to a speed of 245 km/hr. This benefit has been appreciated is being in modern architecture when frames are being required for installations in modern, earth quake proof tower blocks exceeding 10 storeys or more. Design flexibility is a hidden strength of UPVC systems.

ENCRAFT door and window systems are capable of protecting from a high UV index. The Entire process from raw material selection to advanced extruding to further processing is formulated to attain highest quality profiles capable to resist UV radiations, which are generally high in Indian subcontinent.

Air-conditioning is the staple need of all the modern buildings of today. By an estimate, urban India consumes four times the energy consumed by similar structures in developed countries; of which a major part is ascribed to the energy loss due to air leakage. In any building windows are huge ‘energy holes’ accounting for maximum cooling and heating losses. The inherent material advantage of uPVC, of being a good insulator, is further enhanced by employing ENCRAFT’s sophisticated multi-chamber profile design which rises in combination with the effective double sealing system, the frame performance in terms of sound reduction and thermal insulation. By choosing an appropriate glass combination, potential energy savings are an additional benefit.

ENCRAFT uPVC Door & Window systems utilize a multi-chambered profile design with double seal technology that ensures inherent insulation against sound infiltration. Installed with appropriate glazing, sound reductions up to 40 dB (decibels) are possible thus providing excellent levels of soundproofing and assisting effectively in the desire to protect against noise pollution.

uPVC is difficult to ignite, if ignited and the source of flame is taken away, uPVC self extinguishes. uPVC will not support combustion and will not spread the fire on its own.uPVC has one of the lowest surface spread of flame ratings among all materials.