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Pocket Sliding Door

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ENCRAFT's Pocket Door Systems are an innovative approach to saving space. After the doors are open, they slide into hidden pockets on the side of the unit. This helps economize space so that it can be fully utilized. They are ideal for use for the rooms that are normally kept open but sometimes need to be hidden. ENCRAFT’s Pocket Door Systems come in many different types of infills. These different formats have been designed to meet a variety of different needs of sizes and installations.

Such systems are very important when clearance limits the use of swinging or pivot doors and wall space doesn't allow for sliding doors, a pocket door may be the best solution. We offer both one- and two-panel symmetrical options so you can create the privacy you need when design constraints (or aesthetics) demand an option.


 Sash slides into the pocket wall to create a totally unobstructed openingy
 Innovative design
 Multi point locking for enhanced security
 Smooth to operate
 Contemporary and stylish with excellent aesthetics


 40 mm Outer frame Depth
 Maximum Frame Height -3000 mm
 Maximum Frame Width-3000 mm
 Maximum Sash Height-3000 mm
 Maximum Sash Width-1500 mm
 Maximum load capacity -180kg per sash.
 Internal Glazing options from 6 mm to 22 mm. Single, Double & Triple Glass


  • Are Aluminium Pocket Sliding Doors low-maintenance in India?

    Indeed, Encraft Aluminium Pocket Sliding Doors are designed for minimal maintenance in Indian conditions, offering practicality and elegance for homeowners.

  • How do Aluminium Pocket Sliding Doors contribute to space optimization in Indian homes?

    Encraft Aluminium Pocket Sliding Doors enhance space optimization in Indian homes with their sleek and efficient design, adding a contemporary and space-saving element to your living space.