Wind-Proof windows and Doors

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Wind-Proof windows and Doors

Wind-Proof windows and Doors from ENCRAFT

Old windows were not built to face high velocity winds; they’re just not strong enough. That’s why old windows bend or deform. When that happens, narrow air gaps form between frames leading to whistling and rattling sounds.

The standard ENCRAFT window is far stronger than the standard aluminium window or wooden window as it has a steel reinforcement. ENCRAFT is amongst the first UPVC doors and windows company to build seamless innovation into our product lines.

Part of these innovations include fusion-welded and steel reinforced frames which lends to the exceptional strength of our windows and doors.

In fact, our product line is known to withstand extreme environments with complete ease and the ENCRAFT name is well-recognized special construction feature in project brochures.

In coastal areas or high rise buildings where wind speeds are higher, ENCRAFT uses the ‘Hurricane Bar’ as additional support to give further rigidity to the frames.

The result is the only window in the world that can withstand hurricane winds so quietly that you would know the outside impact only next day from your neighbours.

ENCRAFT is pioneered in manufacturing of uPVC Windows and Door Systems. They meet and often substantially surpass, the requirements of relevant standards for uPVC windows and doors worldwide and have been independently tested for performance and quality for extreme Indian climatic conditions for ultimate performance under all weather conditions that’s why ENCRAFT is bestselling windows in India

This technical excellence of ENCRAFT independently substantiated and is proven over many years of service in climates ranging from -15 degree censes in the Himalayan region to extremely windy and humid condition in coastal areas in western and southern region and upto 50 degree census in Gujarat and Rajasthan, means that ENCRAFT products can confidently be specified to meet the most rigorous requirements of prolonged exposure and use.

ENCRAFT UPVC windows and doors are ideal for buildings close to coastal areas where they are permanently exposed to strong winds, heavy rain and salty air. All window and doors are tested under extreme conditions in state-of-the-art laboratories complying with worldwide norms such as the AAMA (American Norms),EN (European Norms), BS (British Standards), DIN (German Norms),and LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design).

And we’ve found that our proprietary uPVC formulation and window and door designs out-perform and outlast alternative materials like aluminium when it comes to sound abatement, energy efficiency, long service life, ease of maintenance.

We don’t say “comprehensive” just to get your attention. Our steel-reinforced uPVC window and door profiles are run through a rigorous testing regimen. We put them up against extreme weather conditions, test their acoustic performance, durability, impact safety and more.

ENCRAFT window systems are specially crafted to suit Indian weather conditions. You can be assured that they meet the highest of SHGC standards specified by the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). BS and EN standards (wind resistance test up to a wind pressure of 2400 PA).

With our widely spread service network spread across length and breadth of India you would always find us standing right behind you, starting up a new line of windows and doors from ENCRAFT can be a lot easier than you might imagine. But our support doesn’t stop there. Our committed teams of designers, engineers, sales and marketing experts have made it their main focus to always meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. To find the nearest ENCRAFT fabricator log on to or send us your details at to become our fabricator.

 You won’t be using any other uPVC window and door design once you’ve tried ours.


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ENCRAFT is a product brand of ENCRAFT India Pvt. Ltd., the flagship company of the DCJ Group. In 1961 our chairman Mr. D.C. Jain started extruding HDPE strips for cane furniture and then ventured into PVC pipes. He played a key part in developing drip irrigation systems and developed a technology for water hand pumps to ensure water is accessible to everyone. The company carried on to expand into flexible PVC extrusion and developed patented magnetic sealing systems used by the refrigeration industry, where it is today a key supplier to well-known household names like Samsung, Godrej and LG.

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