UPVC Windows & Doors – Saves Energy,Blocks Noise and Rain‎

UPVC Windows & Doors solutions

UPVC Windows & Doors – Saves Energy,Blocks Noise and Rain‎

Future at your doorstep : UPVC Windows & Doors

Everybody wants to walk with times. ENCRAFT uPVC windows and doors are the trendsetters in quality and style. Customized to suit wide range of sizes and décor, ENCRAFT profiles are so elegant and stylish that they animate any building – be it house, apartment, bungalow, institution, hospital or hotel.

ENCRAFT provides world-class customized fenestra solutions. Its high precision engineering makes the windows and doors virtually impenetrable meeting top of the industry standards for weather, thermal and sound insulation. They offer effective protection from wind, burglary and UV radiations leading to various cost advantages and heightened comfort level. ENCRAFT uPVC products come in wide range of aesthetics and usages. Eco-friendly ENCRAFT profiles are strong, durable, corrosion-free and fire resistant.

ENCRAFT, has given an innovative fillip to traditional sliding doors and the result is – Lift n Slide, Tilt n Slide, Fold n Slide uPVC Doors. These doors are designed to match different customers’ needs. These windows and doors virtually impenetrable meeting top of the industry standards for thermal as well as sound insulation. In addition to this, they offer effective protection from weather, burglary and UV radiations. ENCRAFT profiles are also electrically non-conductive and fire resistant. ENCRAFT Systems can maximise glass areas and minimise framework. All systems are precision engineered to guarantee you smooth, easy operation, weather tightness and high security as standard.

ENCRAFT uPVC windows & doors conform to the strictest of International standards and meet SHGC standards specified by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). ENCRAFT profiles are completely Lead-free. Being a superior yet economical substitute of wood, ENCARFT products save precious forest resources, and are most suitable complement of a green building. It come in wide range of aesthetics and usages. Eco-friendly ENCRAFT systems are strong, durable, corrosion-free and fire resistant.

ENCARFT uses advanced technology in formulating and extruding various uPVC compounds for specific applications. Utilizing the latest technology, ENCRAFT produces new and innovative products to satisfy the building needs for all geographic regions.

Other Benefits of uPVC includes:

Energy Efficiency

uPVC windows are extremely energy efficient. The windows have a very low thermal conductivity thanks to the materials used in manufacture. This means that heat can’t escape anywhere near as easily as with other materials. In general, they’re 30 percent more efficient than some other types of double pane windows such as aluminium.

Thermal Insulation

Since the thermal conductivity is very low, you could expect best results of Air-conditioning as the air loss is minimised in uPVC windows. This means your house remains cooler for a longer period and actually requires less energy to retain cool air and does not let air leak through gaps found in ordinary windows. In turn, this will be reflected in your energy bills.

In addition, the welding used in the corners, along with the double-pane glass and the thermal barrier, means the windows increases soundproofing. This can virtually cut out noise from the outside completely which makes your home a more pleasant place to live, especially if your home is on a busy street.


uPVc windows are constructed to keep out rain and have been used many times in marine work where their quality is heavily tested. They are far more waterproof than other types of windows as they don’t absorb moisture. Although they are not fireproof, they are fire resistant and unlike wood windows, they can’t accidentally catch fire for any reason.

uPVC windows won’t corrode, rot or warp, meaning that they’re essentially maintenance-free. They don’t even need repainting during their lifetime. However, if you want to change the colour of the frames, you can paint them by choice. With strong steel fittings and 2 panes of glass, uPVC windows provide a strong deterrent to burglars.

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ENCRAFT is a product brand of ENCRAFT India Pvt. Ltd., the flagship company of the DCJ Group. In 1961 our chairman Mr. D.C. Jain started extruding HDPE strips for cane furniture and then ventured into PVC pipes. He played a key part in developing drip irrigation systems and developed a technology for water hand pumps to ensure water is accessible to everyone. The company carried on to expand into flexible PVC extrusion and developed patented magnetic sealing systems used by the refrigeration industry, where it is today a key supplier to well-known household names like Samsung, Godrej and LG.

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