TwinSash Windows : The Modern Windows for Urban homes

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TwinSash Windows : The Modern Windows for Urban homes

TwinSash Windows : The Modern Windows for Urban homes 

TwinSash is the modern version of commonly used two-pane wooden windows in urban India. In these double pane windows the outer side of the window carries a glass and inner side of the window has a regular steel mosquito mesh and an iron grill in between the two window panes. These wooden windows requires high maintenance and regular cleaning and polishing specially in rainy season.

TwinSash concept from ENCRAFT offers same traditional window utilities with whole lots of added features like Multi point locking system, Sound Insulation, Customized built in Security grill, Energy efficient & are maintenance free windows.

TwinSash is a new fenestration concept manufactured from a modern material utilising the latest state of the art technology and finishes ideally suited for India’s varied climatic conditions. Although the TwinSash is a very simple concept, it consists of two ENCRAFT sashes joined by a deep outer frame section, it is a truly unique concept in upPVC. The simplicity of the design means that existing ENCRAFT associates can start manufacturing the frames with minimal additional stockholding as it utilises the sashes from other ENCRAFT systems such as EN42 and EN62, as well as the hardware already in use on other frames styles in the range. Although it is a simple concept, it is a truly unique product; the variations and uValues achievable with the

ENCRAFT TwinSash are second to none in the Indian Market. The variations are endless: glazing options from 4mm to 2x36mm as well as ENCRAFT’s unique CFGI glazing method, simple single point locking to perimeter multi-point locking, shading facility within frame or glazing, quadruple compression weather seal, security grill, flyscreen options inside, outside or inbetween the two openers. Not only is it a very versatile uPVC window product, it also offers performance that is unrivalled. Through its quadruple weatherseals it offers excellent dust and sound proofing. The window can achieve a sound reduction of up to 45 dB with ENCRAFT’s unique and cost effective CFGI glazing solution. Last, but by no means least we want to tell you about the thermal performance of TwinSash. The TwinSash from ENCRAFT can achieve Uw values of 4.6 W/m2K by using simple 5mm glazing and go as far as giving 0.8 W/m2K by using double glazed units. This makes the TwinSash from ENCRAFT a truly energy efficient, comfortable and affordable fenestration solution for all markets.

For more information on TwinSash windows you could log on to or fill up the query form for free consulation.

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