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Sliding Door

Sliding Doors

ENCRAFT Sliding Doors range covering frame depths from 62mm to 142mm is designed to provide the maximum flexibility for fabricators and clients alike. Based on a range of sections, it…

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Market trends and technical advantages of uPVC Windows & Doors

Market trends and technical advantages of uPVC Windows & Doors Windows and doors play an important role in design aesthetics and energy performance of buildings, be it commercial, institutional or…

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uPVC Doors & uPVC Windows with over 40 options to choose from

The best interiors are those that script the beauty of your inner self. Then what blossoms is only warmth of love. On the front of fenestrations, ENCRAFT understands different moods,…

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Matchless Benefits of uPVC Doors and Windows

Matchless benefits of uPVC Doors and Windows ENCRAFT’s extensive range of windows and doors meets the requirements of renovation and new construction applications in residential and commercial buildings. With nearly…

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encraft-Coloured- -upvc profile

Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors

Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors: Safe, secure and comfortable Windows and doors are essential in any building, yet we often install inefficient windows and doors which makes the home…

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UPVC Windows & Doors solutions

UPVC Windows & Doors – Saves Energy,Blocks Noise and Rain‎

Future at your doorstep : UPVC Windows & Doors Everybody wants to walk with times. ENCRAFT uPVC windows and doors are the trendsetters in quality and style. Customized to suit…

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lift n slide upvc doors

Lift and Slide Doors

Energy Efficient Lift and Slide Doors from ENCRAFT Contemporary architecture brings nature into the living quarters through extensive glass surfaces. Window/Door elements reaching from the ground to the ceiling that…

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Lift and slide door ENCRAT '

Lift and slide door

ENCRAFT India has established an enviable reputation as the premier uPVC doors and windows brand for its precision, innovation and customer service excellence. The company has amassed considerable expertise in designing…

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Tilt and Turn upvc Windows

ENCRAFT is India’s foremost uPVC fenestration brand, and comparable with the best in the world. Manufactured in state-of-the art factory, all the components from the uPVC material to its frames…

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ENCARFT unsurpassing quality, looking good against all odds

Encraft unsurpassing quality, looking good against all odds The high quality compound used to create the renowned ENCRAFT smooth gloss finish ensures that the windows stay white and retain their…

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