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Different Types of uPVC Windows for Your Home

UPVC Windows for different needs Finding the perfect windows for your home isn’t as easy as it seems. There are so many different options available today that it can be…

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uPVC Windows

TwinSash Windows : The Modern Windows for Urban homes

TwinSash Windows : The Modern Windows for Urban homes  TwinSash is the modern version of commonly used two-pane wooden windows in urban India. In these double pane windows the outer…

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White window with blinds

Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors

Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors uPVC  windows and doors can instantly give any room a face-lift. Not only do they look great but provide insulation against noise, dust, rain,…

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energy efficient windows

Energy Efficient & Sound proof uPVC Windows and Doors

Energy efficient and Sound Proof uPVC Windows and Doors  uPVC windows and doors are made of eco-friendly, recyclable materials and are best architectural products available today. They are wind-resistant, sound-proof and prevent…

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Energy efficient windows

New energy efficient windows

Old windows degrade over time, increase cooling and heating costs, and lead to drafts. New energy efficient windows can save you up to 40% on your cooling costs this summer and…

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best windows for AP

Wind-Proof windows and Doors

Wind-Proof windows and Doors from ENCRAFT Old windows were not built to face high velocity winds; they’re just not strong enough. That’s why old windows bend or deform. When that…

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upvc profiles

Solutions for Summer Heat

ENCRAFT WINDOWS ARE BEST SOLUTIONS FOR SUMMER HEAT Windows can severely impact on the heating and cooling loads of a building, ENCRAFT is a leading provider of high quality and…

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why Architects prefer upvc

Why do architects vouch for uPVC Doors and Windows?

Why do architects vouch for uPVC Doors and Windows India india? If someone wants to improve their home but does not know the best way to go about it, they…

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Dual Frame Windows Encraft

Dual color window frames

ENCRAFT uPVC windows offers dual color window frames in stylish double glazed and energy efficient window systems to compliment your home.  All our widow systems comes with high gloss finish,…

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Steel Reinforced UPVC Windows

Steel Reinforced UPVC Windows

The architecture of a building reflects the people who live in it. ENCRAFT uPVC windows  is connecting people and buildings and can therefore offer individual styles of living to suit…

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