Energy Efficient & Sound proof uPVC Windows and Doors

energy efficient windows

Energy Efficient & Sound proof uPVC Windows and Doors

Energy efficient and Sound Proof uPVC Windows and Doors 

uPVC windows and doors are made of eco-friendly, recyclable materials and are best architectural products available today. They are wind-resistant, sound-proof and prevent heat loss unlike wood and metal windows, due to the insulation factor, which makes them more energy-efficient.

ENCRAFT India’s foremost fenestration uPVC Company has become the favourite amongst the latest generation of Architects and Interior Designers. The reason is very simple; the quality and innovative uPVC based products offered by the company has no contender in the present market.

uPVC Products play an active role in reducing the CO2 emissions into the environment saving on the cost of cooling or heating. The products are completely environment friendly and they are recyclable products.

ENCRAFT is the largest uPVC window and door profiles manufacturer in India and has a wide range of designs and colours to its credit. It provides the best door and window solutions for a safe and secure housing and official complex.  The material used is absolutely safe and fire resistant. The use of natural wood in window and door frames can be hazardous in the case of fire, as wood catches fire very quickly.

The modern architectural buildings such as Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants and Office complexes require Automatic Door Solutions. The huge heavy doors cannot be opened easily without automated power. ENCRAFT offers  innovative services of stylish uPVC Doors which not only saves a lot of energy in operating these doors but also controls Air leakages and are literally Sound proof.

Interior designers love to work on projects that are built with the most successful materials that add pose and elegance to the building. The result of the combination of technology, innovation and art can be amazing, and can build wonders.

Here are some essential reasons which explain why it is essential to have uPVC windows and door solutions for your home:

Cost of the product- The first essential reason which explains why it is beneficial to have these products is cost efficiency. uPVC materials are one of the most cost effective architectural materials. The efficient combination of their effectiveness and cost efficiency makes it very essential for a person to use them for home solutions. Thus, as compared to timber and other architectural materials, you will save a lot on uPVC.

Maintenance, another important factor- The next amazing quality of uPVC products is low maintenance. Doors and windows formed from timber and other wood products need proper maintenance. On the other hand, uPVC doors and windows require least maintenance. They don’t get affected after long usages. Thus, after bringing these products to your home, you will surely enjoy the benefits of low and maintenance.

Durability is also an amazing factor- Another essential quality of uPVC materials is their durability. Architectural products formed from these materials last for a very long time. They stand tall without wearing out. Thus, having uPVC windows in your home will surely ensure adequate durability and longevity.

Best security of your home- uPVC products are strong and durable enough to keep your home secured. The resilience and robustness of these materials results in hard window frames. Thus, no individual can ever break through them. After using this material to create window frames for your home, you will get optimum protection from burglary and theft.

Sound Proof Windows: If “Noise” is the main reason you are looking to purchase windows, TwinSash window would be the best possible solution for Following reasons:

  1. All around multiple locking points with fully covered gaskets making it complete air tight thus sound proof.
  2. Laminated Glass combined with double sash ENCRAFT Multichambered profiles for highest noise insulation
  3. Best Quality Hardware for best and longer performance

So, these were some reasons which explain why you should have uPVC architectural products. These products have all essential qualities which a person expects from an architectural product. It’s strong, durable, cheap, and is beautiful enough to enhance the interior of your home. Along with this, you can also have these products by hiring services from ENCRAFT authorized Fabricators across India to locate the nearest fabricator log on here and drop us a message along with your details and we will touch base with you to provide you with the best fenestration solutions at affordable cost.

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ENCRAFT is a product brand of ENCRAFT India Pvt. Ltd., the flagship company of the DCJ Group. In 1961 our chairman Mr. D.C. Jain started extruding HDPE strips for cane furniture and then ventured into PVC pipes. He played a key part in developing drip irrigation systems and developed a technology for water hand pumps to ensure water is accessible to everyone. The company carried on to expand into flexible PVC extrusion and developed patented magnetic sealing systems used by the refrigeration industry, where it is today a key supplier to well-known household names like Samsung, Godrej and LG.

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