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Sustainability, as we understand it is more than just environmental protection. To us it means the attentive handling of the markets’ and our customers’ needs as well as the environment. Accordingly we assign a central role not only to ecology, but also to economic aspects and issues of social relevance.

At ENCRAFT we are totally committed to ensuring our activities have zero or minimal impact on the environment.  Positive insulation reduces the carbon footprint of any building and our products are designed to minimise the use of resources, save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Our manufacturing facilities are subjected to frequent audits to ensure that our resource use is minimised and our waste disposal and recycling facility is as efficient as possible.  We have been awarded the International Standard for Environmental Management (ISO 14001) as part of our Integrated Management system.

Our products are LEAD free and we are proud say that we are a member of the Indian Green Building Council.  Our products are not only LEAD free but also Free From All Hazardous Substance (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr6+, PBB, PBDE) , RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) is basically used for Electrical & Electronics Equipment, manufactured in European Union.

Our products are approved for Green Building and we also support “GO GREEN”

Our products fulfil all of the requirements for thermal insulation and the associated energy efficiency. They return a sustainable CO2 balance and a superior price-performance ratio coupled with a long service life. They therefore fulfil and exceed the functional requirements specialised window manufacturers, architects, developers, and end users demand from these sectors.

With the aim of optimizing further the value created for windows, we at ENCRAFT are developing the latest products with sustainability in mind, employing improved engineering to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

Saving you Money

Saving you Money

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