UPVC doors and windows

Bring alive the timeless festivity of colors. Make a choice of ENCRAFT upvc doors and windows manufacturer, India’s foremost fenestration’s, from a range of colours. What’s more, these modern frames…

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two track Sliding windows

Double Track Sliding Windows

ENCRAFT offers double track sliding windows with two or more frames slide horizontally on tracks to the left or the right. The windows are slightly raised above the track for…

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Indias Best Upvc Windows

Casement Windows from ENCRAFT

Casement windows are the most popular style of replacement window in INDIA – an extremely versatile window that will suit most homes where-ever you live.  Featuring fixed panes, top opening…

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green energy

India needs to set and achieve high targets in green energy

Too much dependency on oil is detrimental to any economy and therefore India needs to set and achieve high targets in green energy. According to the National Action Plan on…

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energy efficient

Nearly 40 % of the world’s energy is used by Inefficient energy management Buildings.

Nearly 40 percent of the world’s energy is used by buildings, which are not energy efficient. New buildings that meet LEED standards are expected to consume 25-30 percent less energy….

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Windows and Doors Systems

uPVC Windows and Doors Systems- open up to the greener world

ENCRAFT Windows and Doors Systems- open up to the greener world Everything that you want of your windows and doors, ENCRAFT has it. Today, ENCRAFT is a market leader and…

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benefits of uPVC windows and doors

Benefits of uPVC Windows N Doors

Doors and Windows have undergone a sea of changes in the modern buildings. Universally, architects and builders have acknowledged that uPVC Windows N Doors are of engineered quality and can…

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Innovative uPVC wonderful substitute to wood

Introducing an Innovative uPVC wonderful substitute to wood

uPVC substitute to wood in building construction UPVC or PVCu stands for unplasticised PVC. Since, it is unplasticised ie, it is not softened by introducing plasticisers to PVC, it is…

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Threshold uPVC Doors

Thresholds form an important part of your door

The threshold to your door is often a part of the entrance that is paid little attention to. Yet without it, your door would quite simply fail to operate, keep…

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Vacuum glazing windows

Vacuum glazing windows

Vacuum Glazing With the width of single glazing, vacuum glazed windows offer the same thermal insulation as their double glazed counterparts. The question is, how? How Does Vacuum Glazing Work?…

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