Tilt N Turn Windows

Double glazed tilt and turn windows

TILT AND TURN WINDOWS & DOORS ENCRAFT Tilt N Turn window is designed to provide a European standard window option for fabricators and clients alike.  The window is available as part…

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benefits of uPVC windows and doors

Single and Double Track Sliding Windows & Doors

        Experience joyful nonstop slide for years Sliding Windows & Doors from ENCRAFT are free from the hassles of constant maintenance or loss of energy. ENCRAFT sliding…

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UPVC best alternate to wood

Installation of uPVC Windows & Doors

          Installation of u-PVC Windows & Doors Builders Perspective:- The Green Building concept: Home buyers across the country are increasingly attaining interest in Green buildings and…

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Steel Reinforced UPVC Windows

Steel Reinforced UPVC Windows

The architecture of a building reflects the people who live in it. ENCRAFT uPVC windows  is connecting people and buildings and can therefore offer individual styles of living to suit…

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Designer windows for Hotels

Premium upvc windows & doors for hotels and bungalows

There is no chance for compromise if matter of pride, moreover always a #Hotel owner wants to surprise guest with different interior. Like waterfall, lamps, Designer furniture, Luxury Big-Boss style…

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Indias best upvc windows

Encraft window to precision

You need not always import a product all the way from Europe, investing heavy cost. We can instead import the technology and the best men to achieve the same result,…

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TwinSash Windows

ENCRAFT uPVC window TwinSash Concept

A benchmark of innovation Come to the nextgen solutions in #uPVC fenestrations. ENCRAFT introduces #TwinSash concept with the latest developments in uPVC doors and windows.

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upvc windows made to measure

Laminated upvc windows

Everything that you want of your windows and doors, ENCRAFT has it. Today, ENCRAFT is a market leader and a pioneer in manufacturing uPVC windows & doors. Having been developed…

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Encraft tilt n turn windows

Tilt N Turn Windows from ENCRAFT

Combined with the simple ‘Tilt n Turn’ opening system, ENCRAFT uPVC Tilt N Turn Windows and Doors are extremely easy to clean, both inside and out. They are incredibly easy…

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Energy efficient windows

Encraft TwinSash

ENCRAFT TwinSash concepts are the latest development in uPVC doors and windows. Specially designed and manufactured from modern material using the state-of-the-art technology, TwinSash concepts are the best fenestration solutions…

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